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Products for logistics and e-commerce warehouses

Speed, versatility and the best organization: these are the most important features for a sector like logistics, where efficient warehouse management is really the heart of the business!

We offer a wide variety of solutions for everyone who works in this field. 

Your warehouse will be durable, modular and easily reconfigurable as your needs evolve, without significant additional costs. In practice, this means that we can define with you the load units and the size of the material to be stored in order to standardise and replicate the dimensions of the structures. The advantage? All parts are interchangeable and can be moved and remixed at any time!


In addition, thanks to the wide variety of standard sizes for shelving and the variety of accessories, we can customize your warehouse to meet specific storage needs (e.g. items that need to be hung, long material, etc.) as well as needs related to the handling of goods, with solutions for forklift trucks, manual picking (with operator) or vertical order picking (with order picker).


The space can be exploited to the maximum with elevated walkways and mobile shelving; accessories will help you to organize your stock in the best way, tag holders will allow you to identify the positions of the items, removable shelves and gravity flow shelves will make handling more ergonomic and quick. All this, of course, even for warehouses with FIFO and LIFO approaches.

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