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Solutions for automotive and HGV warehouses

Workshops and warehouses in the automotive and HGV sector (including shipbuilding and railways) often need to store very different materials: tiny parts such as screws and bolts or delicate items (e.g. glass), but also heavy loads or light and bulky materials such as car body parts…

Our shelving can meet each of these needs and create a warehouse that is extremely adaptable and flexible over time.

In particular, the Simplex line and the Universal line represent the ideal solutions for the management of spare parts and components of medium and small dimensions: the former allows for storage on straight shelves equipped with separators, while the latter facilitates the stocking of small parts with tray storage shelves.

The Flexi system, on the other hand, is perfect as a tyre rack (one of the most requested systems by tyre shops and garages) but also to store bulky and cumbersome material, while the Pallet Rack provides the necessary robustness for the storage of heavier materials.

In addition, all our shelving, workbenches and sales counters are coated with epoxy paint, available in a wide variety of colours. This makes them great for warehouses and workshops that are partly open to the public, where the visual aspect is important as well!


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