Workbenches, packaging counters and sales counters

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Sales counters

The sales counters, with their elegant and careful design, are ideal for shops or for areas open to the public in workshops and warehouses. It is possible to choose from various proposals to best equip the internal part of the counter, while the external part is customized with front panels in plastic laminate or painted sheet metal in various colours, so as to best match the style of the décor.

The structure of our counters is made of sturdy sheet metal, pre-treated with an anti-corrosion coating process and then painted with polymerized epoxy powders to ensure durability over time. Sides and front panels are protected by shockproof ABS profiles.


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Workbenches and warehouse counters

The workbenches in sheet metal complement the equipment of the warehouse or workshop, offering solid and resistant shelves on which to perform part processing, packaging and sorting operations.

Available in various sizes and easy to assemble, the workbenches and the warehouse counters are coated with epoxy powder paint polymerized at 190° C in various colours, thus providing additional protection against dust and wear.


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Suitable for...

Reception desk

Small dimension loose material






Versatile and modular

All Mobilfer products are highly dynamic and flexible. The wide variety of standard catalogue sizes makes the shelves truly versatile, while the numerous accessories and the modular design of our systems guarantee maximum efficiency in the organisation of warehouse space.

Long-term investment

Mobilfer structures are very robust, able to withstand wear and tear and impacts with forklifts. These products are designed to last up to 50 years, but also designed to be easily reconfigured, modernized and adapted to changing regulations.

Solid design

Our team of technicians and engineers can study your space and your needs in order to offer you the optimal configuration, in order to speed up and optimize your warehouse. All our structures are also designed in compliance with anti-seismic regulations.

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