Mobile shelving for archives, libraries and mobile warehouses

Suitable for small and medium sized products.
Multi-purpose, durable, easy to assemble and reconfigure.

Lightweight mobile shelving

With the mobile base system, the shelves slide on rails mounted on the ground which allow them to be compacted into a single block and recover the space usually used for access aisles. In this way, it is possible to double the storage capacity and organize the space in the best possible way.

It is an immediate and cost-effective solution, simple and extremely intuitive to use. Traction can be performed manually, mechanically or by electric motor.

A careful study in terms of organisation and design makes this shelving system ideal for document archives and offices, as well as for manual picking warehouses of any other type. Various types of accessories (trays, shelves, hooks, separators, etc.) can be integrated on the shelves for maximum flexibility and customisation.

The mobile shelving also complies with the principles of anti-seismic design to ensure maximum safety for your warehouse staff and avoid any risk of downtime and loss of goods in the event of a sudden seismic event.

scaffalature compattabili
scaffalature compattabili per archivi


Suitable for the storage of

Archive material





Small dimension loose material


Versatile and modular

All Mobilfer products are highly dynamic and flexible. The wide variety of standard catalogue sizes makes the shelves truly versatile, while the numerous accessories and the modular design of our systems guarantee maximum efficiency in the organisation of warehouse space.

Long-term investment

Mobilfer structures are very robust, able to withstand wear and tear and impacts with forklifts. These products are designed to last up to 50 years, but also designed to be easily reconfigured, modernized and adapted to changing regulations.

Solid design

Our team of technicians and engineers can study your space and your needs in order to offer you the optimal configuration, in order to speed up and optimize your warehouse. All our structures are also designed in compliance with anti-seismic regulations.

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