Shelving system for long and bulky material

Suitable for the storage of very long and bulky products. Resistant, robust, easy to assemble and versatile, suitable for long material or items with variable lengths. contact us call us

Shelving system for long and bulky material

Cantilever is the perfect shelving system for the storage of variable length or bulky load units.

The structure is made up of central columns, cantilever shelves and various accessories that provide coherent answers to the different requirements of capacity and size. Composed of a bolted or welded base, the structure can also be built with solutions including solid shelf (without any interruptions) and/or roof.

The height of the shelving system is easily adjustable and offers the possibility of placing the loads on one side (single-sided) or on both sides of the structure (double-sided).

The Cantilever shelving system is characterised by maximum versatility of use and is suitable for any type of warehouse thanks to the absence of uprights on the loading side.

It can also be customised for the storage of material in outdoor areas, with covers and side panels to protect the stored loads from atmospheric elements.

This shelving system can be used with both manual handling and lifting equipment and combines robustness and versatility with simple and intuitive shapes.

Cantilever can be designed according to earthquake-proof criteria to guarantee complete safety for workers and the protection of stored goods, without risks of warehouse downtime and reduced insurance costs.

scaffali cantilever
scaffali cantilever mobilfer


Suitable for the storage of


Metal sheet



Section bar


Why choose us

Versatile and modular

All Mobilfer products are highly dynamic and flexible. The wide variety of standard catalogue sizes makes the shelves truly versatile, while the numerous accessories and the modular design of our systems guarantee maximum efficiency in the organisation of warehouse space.

Long-term investment

Mobilfer structures are very robust, able to withstand wear and tear and impacts with forklifts. These products are designed to last up to 50 years, but also designed to be easily reconfigured, modernized and adapted to changing regulations.

Solid design

Our team of technicians and engineers can study your space and your needs in order to offer you the optimal configuration, in order to speed up and optimize your warehouse. All our structures are also designed in compliance with anti-seismic regulations.

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