Gravity flow shelving for the rotation of boxes and pallets

Optimized rotation of goods in line with FIFO and LIFO logic. It eliminates interference in picking, speeds up operations, reduces the possibility of error. contact us call us

Lightweight gravity flow shelving

Lightweight gravity flow shelving meets the needs for storage, handling and rotation of small goods. The goods are stored on one side of the shelving and slide at a controlled speed to the other side thanks to a slightly sloping roller conveyor system.

This system is ideal for warehouses with a high turnover rate of goods and frequent manual picking operations because it eliminates interference during replenishment and speeds up picking.

It therefore lends itself to FIFO (First In – First Out) and LIFO (Last IN – Last Out) picking logics and to warehouses organised with a Kanban or, more generally, with a Lean Manufacturing approach.


Suitable for the storage of


Plastic box

Small metal containers

Gravity flow pallet racks

The heavy gravity flow warehouse is equipped with tunnels with roller conveyors which, thanks to the force of gravity, allow the stored goods to accumulate at the front of the structure. In this way it is possible to eliminate the space allocated to the picking aisles and facilitate the storage and movement of pallets.

The heavy gravity flow shelving lends itself to FIFO (Firs In – First Out) and LIFO (Last In – Last Out) picking logic. They are therefore suitable for warehouses that store perishable goods, those intended for the passage of semi-finished products between departments and, in general, any industrial warehouse or distribution warehouse set up with a lean approach.


Suitable for the storage of




Metal containers

Refrigerated material

Versatile and modular

All Mobilfer products are highly dynamic and flexible. The wide variety of standard catalogue sizes makes the shelves truly versatile, while the numerous accessories and the modular design of our systems guarantee maximum efficiency in the organisation of warehouse space.

Long-term investment

Mobilfer structures are very robust, able to withstand wear and tear and impacts with forklifts. These products are designed to last up to 50 years, but also designed to be easily reconfigured, modernized and adapted to changing regulations.

Solid design

Our team of technicians and engineers can study your space and your needs in order to offer you the optimal configuration, in order to speed up and optimize your warehouse. All our structures are also designed in compliance with anti-seismic regulations.

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