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Fifty years of listening to our customers
Mobilfer anno 1959

Mobilfer was born in 1959 following an idea from Corrado Ferrari. Corrado, who in the post-war period was involved in car dealing, had in fact understood that in the automotive sector there was a strong need for special storage systems for the various components and specific instrumentation for workshops. In a very short time, the company expanded its product range and started to produce metal structures and equipment for warehouses of various kinds.

Over the years the range of products, accessories and components available to customers has expanded to meet regulatory and market requirements. Today Mobilfer provides facilities, structures and accessories capable of meeting the storage needs of a wide range of product sectors.

Mobilfer is based in Noventa Vicentina: the administrative headquarters and the production department, which covers an area of over 17,000 square meters, are located here. A strong and extensive network of agents, partners and dealers allows us to distribute our products throughout Italy and major European countries.

Our values


Decades of experience have taught us to pay the utmost attention to detail, because it is precisely such details that determine the quality and durability of the products. Our team of experienced engineers designs the shelving to make it extremely solid, shock-resistant and wear-resistant. The result? Really robust products, designed to last up to fifty years.


Not only do we claim to place the client in the centre… we really do it! For us, your needs are our top priority: we consider them carefully when we start a project together, in order to offer you the best solution, but we also keep them in mind in the after-sales phase, when we continue to offer you assistance and support.

And, even after many years, we don’t forget our clients. For this reason, every new system, component or accessory is designed to be compatible with all our shelving systems (yes, even those produced in the last century!).


Our mission is to help you create an efficient warehouse: this means optimising costs and space, but also simplifying and speeding up work.

An efficient warehouse is a dynamic area, capable of transforming and evolving over time as needs change. A principle that translates into flexible and multifaceted products, not throwaway ones, but designed to evolve and grow with your company.


You know Lego bricks, right? Here, our shelving systems are built with the same philosophy: the product lines integrate with each other, while accessories and components are universal, able to adapt to any shelf.


This is how we guarantee products that are genuinely versatile, suitable for every type of warehouse. A wide range of accessories also allows us to respond to the storage needs of any type of goods, from the smallest to the bulkiest, while always ensuring optimal organization and rationality of stocks.

Environmental responsibility

Our sense of responsibility is not only for our clients, but also for the ecosystem in which we live. 

All our shelving systems are made of
steel, a completely recyclable material. Once dismantled, the shelves can be melted down and the raw material is put back into circulation. But it is the design of the products which adheres to a no waste philosophy: our storage systems are made to last decades and be readapted over time so as to minimize waste.

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We have always liked to listen to the customer. Tell us your requests and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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