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Pallet racks and warehouse shelving suitable for picking, but also mobile shelving, gravity flow, display shelves, counters, workbenches and industrial mezzanines: whatever your storage requirements, we have the solution for you.

Scaffali compattabili per il magazzino Mobile shelving for the warehouse With mobile shelving systems you can eliminate aisles and double the storage space of warehouses and archives.

Super easy to use, the mobile shelving system is also very versatile, thanks to the wide choice of compatible shelves and accessories.

Discover the solutions for manual picking or the pallet rack system for vertical order picking!
Scaffali a gravità con rulliere Gravity flow shelving with roller conveyors Do you dream of a faster, ergonomic and error-free warehouse? Gravity flow shelving is perfect for you!

Our shelving systems with roller conveyors are available in two versions that can be integrated into a single hybrid solution: lightweight shelving for picking and gravity flow shelving for pallets. Inclined surfaces facilitate picking, eliminate interference and speed up storage and picking times. Furthermore, they are perfect for FIFO and LIFO rotation.
Magazzini antisismici Anti-seismic warehouses Why risk the safety of your warehouse operators or damage to stored goods due to a sudden earthquake?

You can avoid the risk of downtime or damage to operators through the anti-seismic design of the shelving.
Our engineers are specialized in designing according to anti-seismic logic for any line of shelves and mezzanines.
We analyse the material to be stored, the area available for the warehouse, the goods handling requirements and, not least, the anti-seismic regulations according to the specifications of the installation site.
In this way we implement the safest solution.

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