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Shelving for shops

Mobilfer produces several lines of metal shelving suitable for shops in different sectors. Each line of shelves is provided with a great variety of accessories that can be integrated at any time. For this reason, our shelves are ideal solutions to any storage problem, from medium / large department stores to small sheds, in various commercial sectors: electrical, plumbing, , construction, textile / clothing, toys , household goods, food, chemicals, libraries, etc.

Here below Mobilfer lines of product that we invite you to discover.

Storage medium volumes. The Simplex line is typically used in shops with mid-volume goods to store, such as: light bulbs and accessories for electric, joints, gaskets, accessories for plumbing, materials used in construction , textiles and clothing, toys , household appliances and housewares, documentations and more. have a look at simplex shelves

Storage of small volumes. For lighter volumes are preferred metallic structures with modular containers of various sizes, like the the Universal shelving. . Alternative solutions for the storage of small volumes are the products of the line cabinets and equipment for workshop.

For the clothing stores are often used the minipallet shelving for the display and handling of hanging garments .

Mobilfer offer includes also gondolas exposure shelves - see example G and example H Universal line - which due to their robustness , practicality and capacity are particularly suitable for the distribution department stores and hypermarkets, but also for stores such as bazaars, small supermarkets, maxi stores, warehouses, retro shops, etc. .There are several compositions of the metal structures that can be customized and completed with crystal closure.

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