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Privacy Policy
Mobilfer S.R.L., pursuant to article 13 of D.Lgs.. n.196/2003, has established this privacy policy in order to describe how the web site is managed as regards the handling of the personal data of users that consult the site.The way data are gathered and used is explained here below.This policy on privacy regards only the web site and therefore what is stated here does not apply to connected web sites visited by the user through links.

Mobilfer S.R.L. asks its web site visitors to read the whole of this information notice.

The web site is structured in such a way so as to permit the user to visit its pages without having to identify him or herself or supply personal data.

The software procedures and information technology systems used for the web site will pick up, during the course of the operation of the site itself, some personal data whose transmission is necessarily involved in the use of Internet communications protocols.
Such data are not voluntarily gathered by Mobilfer S.R.L. to be associated with identified persons, but could by their nature permit the user to be identified through processes and associations with other data held by third parties; any such identification is neither requested nor can it be controlled by Mobilfer S.R.L.

Such data include:
- IP addresses, domain names of the computer used by the users who connect to the site;
- the time of the request;
The above data may be used by Mobilfer S.R.L. in the processing of anonymous statistical information on the use of the web site and to check that it is running correctly: the data on web contacts may to this end be kept for one year. The data could also be used in ascertaining liability in the case of any possible IT crimes damaging the site.

The web site does not use cookies for sending personal information; moreover persistent cookies, that is systems for user tracing, are not used.
No personal data of the users is purposely acquired by the web site.
Identification of the Data Controller and the Persons Responsible for the processing of data
The Data Controller of the data is Mobilfer S.R.L. whose registered office is in Noventa Vicentina (VI) 36025 via Bergoncino . 70 .

The undersigned company informs you that for the performance of the agreements undertaken with you it is in possession of some or your data. These have been acquired verbally, directly or through third parties, and such data are classified by the law as personal in nature.
Regarding such data we inform you that:
The data are handled according to contractual requirements and for the consequent performance of legal and contractual obligations deriving from these, as well as in order to manage our business relationship effectively, and particularly for the following purposes:
the performance of legally required actions, under civil, tax and accounting law and regulations etc. the management of the contractual relationship;
the performance of contractual obligations, including regarding public procurement contracts;
technical support and information relating to the products;
after-sale assistance and market and statistical analysis, offered both by ourselves and by allied companies.
The data in question will be treated in written form and in magnetic, electronic and telematic systems.
The submission of the data is mandatory where we are required to fulfil legal and contractual obligations and therefore any refusal to supply the data or refusal to permit their subsequent treatment may result in it being impossible for this company to carry through this contract.
Any failure to confer those data that are not however required for fulfilling legal or contractual obligations shall be evaluated on a time to time basis by this company and will result in decisions as to the importance of the requested data in relation to the handling of the business dealings between us.
As well as the communications and diffusion of data pursuant to observance of legal requirements, the data may be communicated in Italy and abroad to the following:
our dealer and agent network, insurance companies/debt collectors
trade information factoring/leasing companies
professional credit institutions, consultants and hauliers
companies in the group/sub-suppliers that are potential customers of our company
for the purposes, however, only of safeguarding credit, the better management of our rights and for our company marketing. These persons will treat the data as Data Controller with full autonomy.
The data will be used for the full term of the agreement and also subsequently for the execution of all legal requirements as well as for future commercial purposes.
With regard to the data themselves, you have rights under article 7 of law 196/2003, among which: the right to contract out and to update, rectify, block or delete the data.
You also have the right, with regard to the use of the data for commercial information and the sending of advertising material, to freely oppose such use and to have your name deleted from our mailing lists.
Your data may become known to the persons entrusted by us as responsible for the handling of the data (employees and independent consultants).
The Data Controller is:
Mobilfer S.R.L. via Bergoncino, 70 – 36025 Noventa Vicentina (VI)